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I Began by Baking Dog Treats for My Granddog, Sam. Before Long, the Hobby Turned into a Business and Healthy & Organic Dog Biscuits, LLC was Born in VA

Healthy & Organic Dog Biscuits owner, Lee Shonyo began making dog biscuit recipes in her kitchen in Woodbridge, VA in 2011. Lee loves to bake for her family and often while she was baking, her granddog Sam, would patiently watch her and wait in the kitchen for treats.

“Like most dogs, Sam loved being close to me when visiting, especially when I was baking in the kitchen…I think the smell of peanut butter drew him in and he probably knew that at some point I might drop something on the floor. I began experimenting with recipes…peanut butter, then pumpkin and blueberry mixes…he loved them all. That’s when I realized that I had created a very special recipe that dogs love.”

My granddog was very fussy about his treats. He seemed to get bored with the same treat every day. So, the challenge was on.

But, I wanted Sam to have dog treats that were safe, delicious, healthy, and never on a US Government recall list. So I used only food from my kitchen pantry, made with organic ingredients. If it was healthy for me, it would be healthy for him. And so my granddog would only eat my treats.”

Then I offered samples of my dog biscuits to my neighbors and their pets, who loved them too. As the news about my dog treats spread, I began receiving calls from pet owners asking for more treats. The Healthy & Organic Dog Biscuit business in Northern VA was born.

Today my Healthy & Organic Dog Biscuits are sold in stores and pet shops throughout Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties and in several states. Pet owners can now order my delicious beef and peanut butter, pumpkin seed and blueberry dog treats online.

NOTE:  Sadly, we lost our grand dog SAM last year. He is greatly missed. Sam served as my company’s mascot. He was 11 years old.